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[Rock-paper-scissors] Rock-paper-scissors, Season 7 Start

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Update Contents 

Individual score 

- In the event of a draw loss below a certain tier introduced in season 6, the non - point deduction was removed. 

Channel Score 

- The system, which was scored based on the existing individual record and the result of the flight loss, will be scored as a result of the flight loss on the channel. 

For example, the former player wins, and if I win, I get a winning bonus. 

consecutive wins bonus - 1 point per win (Winning in 2 consecutive wins will earn 20 points + 22 points with 2 points) 

Consecutive losing penalties - 1 point per loss (loss points minus 20 points if lost in 2 consecutive losses - 2 points minus 22 points) 

Draw - Only winning/loss penalties will be won/decreased. (If you are winning in a row, you will get a bonus, if you are losing in a row, you will get a bonus) 


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