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Listen to the song requests separately

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※ This system is sponsored only.

There is an issue of DMCA when you play the requested song on streaming.

When a streamer plays a song request, it synchronizes the streamer's song request and allows the viewer to listen to the same song on their PC.

If the streamer picks up the SuperSync QR code from the song request player and displays it on the screen, you can listen to the music in full sync through the SuperSync program. 


[Supersink Programs Summary] 

The streamer displays the QR code of the play information on the request player on the broadcast, and the viewer downloads the super-sync program and runs it.. You can choose the screen. 

When the streamer stops, the viewer stops, and when the streamer starts again, the viewer starts again... It's totally synchronized.

And you can play music on that sink just like live through replay. 

[Streamer part] 

You can show the QR code on the request player on the broadcast. 

For the convenience of screen capture, we made it possible to display it as a pop-up. 


[the viewer's part] 

1. Download the file. 

2. Run the downloaded supersync.exe file


3. Select a broadcast screen 
 3-1. Click the Search Browser button
 3-2. Select a browser that is broadcasting
 3-3. Sink, start
 3-4. If you need to adjust the sink overall, you can apply a delay on the bottom left.

* Maybe you can prevent it from running on the Windows smart screen.
It's a new program, so you don't have to worry because there are few users.
* If you cover the QR code on the broadcast or lower the screen, it will not sync. 

The QR code must be displayed on the broadcast screen in an appropriate size to be recognized. 
(The size must be somewhat large.) 


When the viewer's program is synced,

The program takes a play song in 1 or 2 seconds and plays it

After that, the player is played according to the streamer broadcast screen by synchronizing the time information between 1 and 2 seconds.


When the streamer stops, the viewer stops,

When the streamer resumes, the viewer will also play again.

When the streamer moves the playing time to another place, the viewer moves to that time zone in sync.


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