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Initial Use Guide

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A summary for those who are using it for the first time 

- Setting to Manager Level - 

If you enter for the first time, the first thing you should do is give manager authority. 

If you don't give me a manager, the bot can't be active in follow-only chat at all, 

Chat bots play a lot of chats, but Twitch has restrictions on basic chats, making it difficult to operate normally. 

You can type /mod cooingbot in the broadcast chat window. 

Or you can click the ID in the chat window as shown below and press the button in the shape below. 


- Managing Commands - 

For ease of use, a number of default commands are registered as default. 

You can also go to the sample page for each language to add/delete basic commands for each language. 

If you delete a default command, you can add it again at any time through a command sample. 

Learn more about command management here :

The law to register a very basic person is as follows. You can paste it in the chat room 

!command add hi hello~ $nick 

!command add bye bye bye~ $nick  

(Please write down the name of the command according to your nickname.) 

In addition, if you want to manage commands through chat commands briefly in the style of Nightbot, you can register the commands below. 

!command addmanager !addcom !command add $query

!command addmanager !addcom !command delete $query 

Additions and modifications are further integrated. When you add an existing command again, it changes on its own. 

- Managing Channels -  

Control and category changes can be made into commands for the convenience of streamers or for the help of managers. 

Command : !edittitle [Title to change]

example : !edittitle New Title

Command : !editgame [category] 

example : !editgame League of Legends 

In addition, game changes provide shortcuts for some categories for convenience. 

Shortening Category :

example : !editgame jc



- Attendance check. Rock paper scissors -

!attendance -  There is an attendance check function. It's only possible once a day, and if you check attendance every time you turn on the broadcast, [continuous] attendance check will be displayed.

!rps - You can play rock paper scissors once a day. There are tier, individual ranking, and channel ranking. 

!clip - Automatically generate a 30-second clip until a few seconds before you enter the command. Unfortunately, the time and title are fixed.​

- song request system - 

You can receive song requests by command. 

When you receive the song request, the streamer can play the song on the website > Streamer Menu > Music Management. (Must keep windows) 

The music management commands are as follows. 

!sr : Song request - How to use: !sr song title 

!sl : List of requested songs - How to use: !sl

!cs : Current Song Information - Usage: !cs 

!sd : Delete song request - Usage: !sd retrieved title 

(In the case of !sd, the general user can delete only the songs they have requested, but the manager and above can also delete other people's songs.) 

- Game linkage function - 

League of Legends Information : 

Teamfight Tactics Information :

Valorant Information :

PUBG Battleground Information : 

Eternal Returns Information :


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