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This function allows you to set the MyBot. 

This feature is only available through sponsorship benefits.

Sponsoring :


Preparation: Sponsorship, account to use as MyBot 

* It is better to set MyBot as a sub-account than to set it as a streamer account.

Create and use a bot account that shows your personality well. 

[Before applying]


[적용 후 - 예시]


1. 홈페이지 > 스트리머 메뉴 > 마이봇(MyBot)



2. Enter the bot key for the bot account 

See this post at for instructions on how to get a bot KEY. 

- For your convenience, it is better to log in to the sub-account using a different browser or secret mode.


4. Check and save in the Enable checkbox


5. After checking the connection to Twitch with the information you entered, we will send you the result of the setup through Twitch.

This will simply end the setup.

For your information, you can't ban the bot on the channel. 


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